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KoMo Singlecell Granary

http://www.perfecthealthforyou.com/media/image/thumbnail/komo-getreidespeicher-2_30x30.jpg http://www.perfecthealthforyou.com/media/image/thumbnail/komo-getreidespeicher-1_30x30.jpg http://www.perfecthealthforyou.com/media/image/thumbnail/komo-getreidespeicher-3_30x30.jpg
http://www.perfecthealthforyou.com/media/image/thumbnail/komo-getreidespeicher-2_800x800.jpg http://www.perfecthealthforyou.com/media/image/thumbnail/komo-getreidespeicher-1_800x800.jpg http://www.perfecthealthforyou.com/media/image/thumbnail/komo-getreidespeicher-3_800x800.jpg
  • schönes Design
  • hochwertige Materialien
  • gute Übersicht über die Getreidevorräte
  • vor Schädlingen sicher
  • Made in Austria
Preis ca. €119.00

Für alle Getreidefans ein wertvoller und praktischer Küchenhelfer!

4,5 kg capacity
Dimensions in cm: H 505/W 150/D 143

Whether storing one or more grains. Whether storing more of one than the other. Everything is possible and looks super.

One turn and the grain trickles to its destination. At the same time the grain is both moved and aired so that it is at its best when you want to conger up something delicious.

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